Retail Marketing 2018
9 May, 2018

Retail Marketing 2018<br>9 May, 2018

The annual conference Retail Marketing conference organized by Marketing Magazine was held on 9th May 2018 at The Mira Hong Kong. CG Marketing Limited, the reowned O2O digital marketing solution provider and the dedicated official DianPing distributor in Hong Kong has participated the event to share our insightful solutions to the Retail Industry.

During the conference, it has been pinpointed that the trend of local retail market has already been shifted from local purchasing to travelers’ consumption. The key to success is the strategy to capture these travel retail opportunities through digital and omni channels.

CG Marketing is introducing DianPing, the leading lifestyle and travelling app in Mainland China, to the retail industry in Hong Kong to capture these opportunities through the breaking through O2O engagement in the early stage since trip planning.

CG Marketing, the total digital solutions provider, walks you through the extensive strategies provided by DianPing from general brand exposure to user engagement.