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In recent years, the consumption pattern of Chinese tourists in Hong Kong have shifted from purchasing high-end products to dining, experiencing and sightseeing. DianPing, one of the most popular consumer information platform in mainland China, aims at “lighting up your wonderful life” and provides intensive consumer information to Chinese tourists across the world. With our in-depth understanding of the needs in both consumer and business sides, we create an extraordinary way to unlock greatest dining and shopping experience, and lead our users’ way of life.



A proactive way to build your brand influence and connect to purchasing power bringing from Mainland tourists. Create supreme image, WOM and brand loyalty.

Brand management
An effortless branding solution

Offering sale discounts
Enduring promotion for popular product

WOM management
Increasing consumers’ brand loyalty


Group buying can effectively optimise the operational cost and drive customers to stores across different time slot that lead better ROI and store utilisation.

More spending means better ROI
Prepaid products encourage spending

Guide consumers’ choice
Promote group buying option

Improve ROI
Better utilise store space and generate merchandise turnover


Rank higher in search result and feature your promotion items in eye-catching area on Dianping to influence you prospects ahead of your competitors.

Prioritised advertisement
Increasing brand awareness with continued exposure

Effective targeting
Create the blue ocean for your business

Custom Scheduling and budgeting
Versatile solution for your marketing tactics


Being one of the most favourable consumer guide with over 20 million monthly active users in mainland China, Dianping is a trusted tools for many mainland tourists during overseas travel. Act Now! Promote you business by establishing a DianPing business account to target this high spending power consumer group!

We help you achieve your goals

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